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First cancer were found in Egyptian and pre columbian mumies about 5,000 to 2,400 years ago. They were documented in ancient medical writing, written in papyrus 3,500 years ago. Nowadays, the reason behind cancer still not clearly understood. Scientist believe that cancer is the cell which grow rapidly than normal, assume abnormal shapes and sizes.
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There was a movie in the 1990's called 'The Medicine Man', where a scientist discovers the cure for cancer; whilst it still continues to kill people, it is not always the death sentence it once was. Think about that for a moment; can you even imagine the impact this would have on our world if the suffering of so many people could be put to an end?
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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Cancer and Hair Loss
Not always the easiest topic to discuss with your doctor or stylist. But over 30 million women in the US alone suffer abnormal hair loss due to a variety of different reasons such as chemotherapy or mandy other types of medical conditions.

One of the biggest challenges for a women suffering from hair loss is the acceptance, then the strength to find a resource for answers. It is my hope that this information will guide you to some relief.

Today there are a large number of wig suppliers that are easy to access and shop for on the internet. If you feel more comfortable ordering a wig on line, I'd highly recommend you visit some online wig retailers.

If you are in need of financial assistance or are just finding it tough to get some support you can always refer to the America Cancer Society, for helpful resources.

When choosing a type of wig, you should choose closest to your favorite hair color and style whichever reflects you. Most of the time hair loss is temporary due to chemo or postpartum alopecia, finding the positive in a negative will help you heal physically and spiritually.

Women who lose their hair due to chemo go through an enormous flood of emotions, and losing your hair is just another negative piece of the pie. So finding a great wig will allow you to gain back some self confidence and get you through the rough time. The good news is most of the time your hair will come back thicker and better than before.

If you prefer a more personal wig shopping experience then the best route would be to shop for a local salon that offers wig fittings and service and make an appointment with the hair additions specialist. This service is more readily available now than ever before.

Your first visit may include the stylist measuring your head for the wig, showing you the different type of wigs available, consulting on your comfort and style you prefer. Wigs come in a variety of hair types, styles and price ranges. Shop around and be confident before making your purchase, and remember you have to wear it not them, so love it.

As your hair begins to grow you may then want to venture to extensions, they are the next step to rebuilding your hairstyle, a good qualified hair extension specialist can do amazing things. There a many different types of extensions and techniques of application it varies on the client's individual needs.

Call your local salon, who offer hair extensions and go in for a consultation, you have nothing to lose and a great head of hair to gain.


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