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First cancer were found in Egyptian and pre columbian mumies about 5,000 to 2,400 years ago. They were documented in ancient medical writing, written in papyrus 3,500 years ago. Nowadays, the reason behind cancer still not clearly understood. Scientist believe that cancer is the cell which grow rapidly than normal, assume abnormal shapes and sizes.
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There was a movie in the 1990's called 'The Medicine Man', where a scientist discovers the cure for cancer; whilst it still continues to kill people, it is not always the death sentence it once was. Think about that for a moment; can you even imagine the impact this would have on our world if the suffering of so many people could be put to an end?
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Diet and Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Prevent Cancer
I had uterine cancer last summer. Luckily it was Stage 1A and surgery took care of everything. I didn't need chemo or radiation. I tell people I had cancer for two weeks, because by the time they found it, I had surgery and waited the 6 days it took for the "all clear" pathology results to come back - only 2 weeks had passed!

It was just kind of a blip in my summer. Part of the reason it was only that was I am fit and in excellent health and do a lot of things right. My cancer usually happens to people who are obese (I'm not even close) or diabetic (not that either). The 3rd cause is making too much estrogen.

The purpose of this article is to share a few "cancer prevention" tips I've learned, because as easy as I had it, I'm not planning on getting it again!

I've always taken a ton of vitamins. A lot, I've recently discovered, are recommended by cancer researchers to prevent cancer or help fight it if you have cancer. Take this combination daily:

Beta-Carotene - 25,000 iu

Folic Acid - 400 mcg

Selenium - 200 mcg

Vitamin C - 3000 mg (divided)

Vitamin E - 400 iu (slows tumor growth and the spread of malignancies)

Multi Vitamin

1 B Complex

Calcium - 1500 (divided)

NAC - 600 mg

You should also cut out red meat and trans fats and way back on sugar, salt, soda, alcohol, fat and artificial sweeteners. Fill up on fruits, vegetables, beans and especially: tomatoes, grapes, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, kale, Chinese mushrooms, onion (best raw), citrus fruits, carrots, cabbage and green beans.

Drink lots of green tea, carrot juice (it has anti cancer carotenes) and green juice.

Eat 100% whole-wheat pasta, whole grain breads and brown rice. Have a half teaspoon of rosemary per day and use olive oil.

Do something every day to de-stress and think happy, thankful and positive thoughts. Meditate or use guided imagery to picture a healthy body. Cooking healthy meals at home and sharing them with family while unwinding at the end of each day will also add much to a healthy lifestyle.


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